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Anadolu Solar Team

Team name: Anadolu
Car name: Sunatolia'3
Country: Turkey
Class: Challenger 

The Anadolu team was started a decade ago, and this is the second time they are participating in the Sasol Solar Challenge. In 2015, the Sunatolia’2 was the first ever Turkish solar car to cross the finish line at the World Solar Challenge. This year, the Sunatolia’3 will be competing against some of the best teams in the world here in South Africa.

The Anadolu team has built five cars in total, and the newest is already on its way to South Africa for this year’s competition. Their main focus in developing the Sunatolia’3 was on aerodynamics, and large parts of the car were 3D printed. They’ve changed much about the way they produce their solar cars – from the actual canopy to the process they use to produce composites.

This means that even for such an experienced team, the 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge will be a whole new experience!

Read more about their new car on their website, here.