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GAMF Hungary

Team name: GAMF Hungary
Car name: Megalux
Country: Hungary
Class: Challenger

The MegaLux Challenger solar car will be competing in the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa for the first time, manned by the Hungarian Kecskemet University team GAMF (the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation).

The GAMF Hungary team competed in the World Solar Challenge in 2015, placing seventh in the Challenger class. Their aim in South Africa is to represent the only higher education institution in Hungary where solar research and engineering takes place. MegaLux represents an opportunity for students to be part of a scientific project where experience and ideas can exchange hands, and the team has a large variety of sponsors supporting them on the trip.

Their team motto is: “Knowledge is the fuel of the future!” – A team to watch as they debut in South Africa.

Follow MegaLux’ journey on their website, here.