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Lodz Solar Team

Team name: Lodz Solar Team
Car name: Eagle One
Country: Poland
Class: Cruiser

The first ever Polish solar car to be built by students, Eagle One is the only competitor in the Cruiser class in the 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge, and the car is only a little over a year old.

The Lodz team competed for the first time last year in the World Solar Challenge, where they covered 3,000 kilometres and successfully crossed the finish line in sixth place in their class. The team was also awarded the Safety Award for the safest car and best prepared team.

Eagle One was designed to resemble a water drop, and will stand out among the other solar vehicles on the challenge this year. The uniquely designed car can be driven in traffic and is one of only two competitors on the Sasol Solar Challenge that can carry a passenger.

The 21-member team began improvements on Eagle One for the 2016 challenge almost immediately after returning from the global event, and will use this experience to build a completely new car to compete with in 2017.

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