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Nuon Solar Team

TEAM | Nuon Solar Team


COUNTRY | The Netherlands

CLASS | Challenger


The Nuon Solar Team from the Delft University of Technology are the current world champions as well as the title defenders of the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa.

This is the third time the team is participating in the Sasol Solar Challenge, and they hope to make it the third time that they win it, too. They covered 4 716 km in 2016.

Nuna9S will be fitted with a 2,64 m² Gallium Arsenide solar array. The car uses the chassis of its predecessor, Nuna9, which won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge last year.    

A completely new team will pilot the car coming to South Africa, and they are working on improving its design and performance. For the first time, the team includes a software engineer, working on a new onboard computer system for Nuna9S.

The ten team members have been working on the car full time since their graduation in August 2017, with degrees ranging from aerospace engineering to mechanical and electrical engineering, and applied physics.

To build camaraderie, they also regularly do fun team building activities together, like ice skating or gliding.

 Two team members supported the 2017 challenge to gain experience for upcoming events.

Because the Netherlands is a fairly flat country, Nuon’s three drivers have been practising at one of the country’s few hilly race tracks to prepare for the mountainous terrain and 2 000 metre altitude drop they’ll experience on the Sasol Solar Challenge. The team says they’re working on new technology, but for now, these innovations are closely guarded secrets.