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NWU Solar Car Team

Team name: NWU Solar Car Team
Car name: Sirius X25
Country: South Africa
Class: Challenger

The North-West University Solar Car Team has come a long way since they first competed in the Sasol Solar Challenge in 2012. By 2014, their second solar car double the distance covered in the first competition, finishing fourth in their class.

In 2015, the team became the first African team to ever cross the finish line at the World Solar Challenge, where they competed with the same car that we will see in the challenge this year. 

Sirius X25 has a top speed of 12 km/h, weighs 270 kilograms and has a 6 m2 solar panel array. In 2014, it was awarded for covering the most distance on a single day – over 400km. In 2015, they completed the 3,000 World Solar Challenge in 47 hours and 22 minutes, representing South Africa against 46 other cars from 25 countries. Sirius X25 crossed the line in 11th place.

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