OFFICIAL SSC: Top teams neck and neck in Bloemfontein on second day of Sasol Solar Challenge


In near-perfect weather, competitors in the 2016 Sasol Solar Challenge covered more than 680 kilometres yesterday (Sunday, 25 September) on roads between Kroonstad and Bloemfontein.  

“Yesterday we saw for the first time how intensely competitive these teams really are. The top three teams are neck and neck – within only metres of each other’s tally – on what was only the second day of the event,” said Sasol Solar Challenge director, Winstone Jordaan.

There were two extra cars on the road yesterday, with the University of Johannesburg and Near-East University from Northern Cyprus hitting the road for the first time. Due to scrutineering standards, the Turkish Anadolu team will unfortunately have to present their car for re-inspection today.

Dutch team Nuon caught a curb in the control stop area at low speeds with their car, Nuna 8s. They worked through the night on the car in order to restore aerodynamic integrity.

Today the eleven teams travel from Bloemfontein’s Maselspoort Resort (8h00) via Edenburg (10h00 to 15h00) to Gariep Dam from (16h30).

The Sasol Solar Challenge is open to the public and media at all the stopping points.



Challenger class:

  1. Nuon and Tokai solar teams tied at 685.7 km 
  2. GAMF, MegaLux: 611.9 km
  3. North-West University: 611.0 RECORD BROKEN (NWU 2016: 560 km)
  4. Tshwane University of Technology: 301.9 km
  5. Near East University: 301.5 km
  6. Maragon Olympus: 190.4 km
  7. University of Johannesburg: 70 km


Cruiser class:

Lodz Solar Car: 464.3 km


Sustainability class:

ZingBug: 93 km

Monday, September 26, 2016