Schools Activation

The Sasol Solar Challenge has, this year, incorporated a scholar educational programme as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) awareness.

This event is part of Sasol’s ongoing commitment to:

  • Show learners who are passionate about mathematics and science the endless, exciting possibilities for their future.
  • Show learners how the application of mathematics and science can be fun.
  • Create excitement around the Sasol Solar Challenge through heightened awareness and encouraging spectators to cheer on their favourite teams.

On route from Pretoria to Cape Town, interactive school activations, under the banner of the Sasol Solar Challenge, will be hosted at regional pit-stops. Through these school activations, Sasol hopes to promote maths and science to learners. The aim is to increase the learner’s knowledge, understanding and love for maths and science subjects in an interactive, informative and fun way.

Activations will be held at six schools along the route where learners will be required to build a model solar-powered car and compete against other schools with the hope of being the fastest solar team.

During a pre-event roadshow, learners will start building their model solar car according to the instructions supplied. Five scholars from each identified school who contributed to building their car will be invited to participate in racing their solar cars at the event.

190 schools have been identified to participate in the programme. The winners of each race will receive a cash prize.









Tuesday, August 30, 2016