Thursday, August 28, 2014
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UJ Solar Team



Olympia Class

After completing the Ilanga I and I.I Prototype, the senior team members have now shifted their focus to developing Ilanga II – UJ’s third generation ultra-lightweight solar powered vehicle. The team consists of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Product designers, Graphic designers and Programmers. The senior members are also responsible for guiding and mentoring undergraduate students.

The team is further supported by Academic Members Mr. Yuko Roodt, Mr. Rolf Laubcher and Mr. Phillip Robenson. Nickey Janse van Rensburg Project Coordinator Department of Mechanical Engineering Science Warren Hurter B.Ing Mechanical Engineering Project Manager Composite Suspension, steering and braking design Pieter Janse van Rensburg B.Ing Mechanical Engineering Body and monocoque chassis David Menasce B.Ing Electrical and Electronic Engineering High power electronics and solar array layout Stephanus Schoeman B.Ing Electrical and Electronic Engineering Race Strategy and Optimisation.

JP de Kock B.Ing Mechanical Engineering Aerodynamics, battery box Sebastian Hamilton Industrial Designer Graphics and Ergonomics Michael Ddumba B.Ing Electrical and Electronic Engineering Telemetry Tebogo Essence B.Ing Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Telemetry Elie Mambou B.Ing Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate Communication and Race Strategy Lebohang Mokoena N.Dip Mechanical Engineering Design João Francisco Perdoncini Brazilian Exchange Student (Federal Technological University of Paraná - Pato Branco Campus) Batteries and Electronics Design Beven de Nobrega B.Ing Mechanical Engineering (third year) Mechanical design Charles Mawewe B.Tech (Eng) Mechanical Technician Sam Mamathuntsha B.Tech (Eng) Mechanical Technician

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