Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Think Bike

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A registered non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, the campaign goal is "Raising Awareness, Saving Lives" for all two-wheel road users. Think Bike’s principal focus can be distilled into four main aims:

- Reminding all road users to be on the lookout for two wheel road users.

- Educating first time riders about the importance of proper riding skills training and defensive riding techniques

- Encouraging all bikers and cyclists to wear the correct protective gear

- Educating all motorcyclists and cyclists about safe and responsible road usage.

Help us make a difference

If you're a biker or a cyclist, or have a loved one that rides, why not join our campaign? For only R190 per year, you could be part of the drive for safer roads! See our the Membership section for more details.

What's in it for me?

Apart from contributing towards the creation of a safer riding environment, as a member you will also benefit from discounts we have negotiated with various business. Hang around There is more to Think Bike than you might think, so take a moment to explore our site – it's full of interesting information for anybody who's into safety!

Jumping Kids

Jumping Kids was launched in 2009 by prosthetist Johan Snyders (Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics) with the dream of supplying the latest in prosthetic limb technology to South African children in need. Snyders became aware of the thousands of local children living with amputations – most of whom do not have access to adequate prosthetics, counselling or rehabilitation.

Recognising the opportunity to boost social development, the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund was born. Jumping Kids is a registered not-profit organisation that facilitates access to advanced prosthetic solutions to those who need it most, children living with lower extremity amputations from formerly disadvantaged backgrounds.




The RO3 Oasis Concept

We have to admit that bottling water isn’t a new idea. We do however believe that our approach is unique and that we do in fact offer something completely different. We could go on for ages about how brilliant we are, but that would just sound like bragging! So here’s what one of the leading water resource management specialist has to say about RO3 Oasis instead. "RO3 Oasis Water has a unique approach to the bottled water business. It provides high quality water at affordable prices while actively managing the downside of the industry - packaging and containers that become litter. It is this innovative approach that makes RO3 Oasis stand out in the bottled water industry". - Dr. Anthony Turton

Who we are

We are quite literally the local watering hole. A pillar of the community where people from all walks of life come together. Where refreshment and rejuvenation aren’t the only things on offer, but a place where friends and neighbours meet and the sound of water-cooler chatter fills the air. These principles of community are bared out by our business philosophy of a triple bottom line or the three P’s - People, Profit & Planet. Where our success isn’t merely measured in financial terms (Fair Profit) but also by what we do to uplift the community (People) and conserve and improve our environment as a whole (Planet). So whether your looking for pure refreshment or a good chat we look forward to welcoming you at your nearest RO3 Oasis store.

What we do

To say that we are in the business of bottling water is kind of like saying Ferraris are red, or swimsuit models are attractive. Not untrue, but not the full story either. Technically, the treatment process we use is called reverse osmosis. We however like to refer to it as SUPERCHARGING. That’s because our filtration process ensures that our water is not only filtered and purified, but also enriched with a turbo charged form of oxygen called ozone. And we want everyone to have access to our phenomenal water. Always have. Ever since we started in 2003 with one little store our goal has always been the same. To ensure that people have access to a safe and healthy alternative drinking water source that they can afford to use every day. With well over 150 stores in operation today and refills from as little as R1.00 per litre, we are well on our way to achieving our lofty goals.



ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd. Is a private, national, emergency medical care service, committed to providing South Africans with efficient, effective emergency response and pre-hospital care.

Supporting all hospitals throughout South Africa both private and public, ER24’s emergency services cover South Africa extensively. In addition, ER24 has branches in all major metropolitan areas and towns around the country as well as contracts with well-established ambulance service providers in the outlying areas.

A single call to 084 124 from anywhere in the country connects you to ER24’s state-of-the-art contact centre where highly trained and dedicated operators often handle in excess of 40 000 emergency calls per month. All calls are answered within seconds of the call being made and with at least one medical doctor experienced in trauma and emergency medicine stationed at the contact centre 24 hours a day; operators are able to make informed decisions about the nature and extent of the emergency at hand.

ER24 does not believe that one shoe fits all, and therefore prefers to work with its clients to tailor a product that best suits the needs of the individuals, various funds and their members.
We strive to be the first call in any medical emergency and respond in a way that reflects realhelprealfast.
Our mission is to deliver efficient emergency medical services in a socially responsible manner. We invest in the development of our people, infrastructure and technology. We foster mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We are innovative in our approach in order to enhance our brand awareness and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
ER24 is its people and the values by which we operate, namely: Professionalism, Integrity, Compassion, Innovation and Balance.



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