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Event logistics

The Sasol Solar Challenge team works hard to make the event logistically easy for teams, officials, supporters and spectators.

Important dates are as follows:

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Before the event

Teams are responsible for their own accommodation prior to the event. Please contact the event organisers for recommendations.

All teams are welcome to build their solar electric vehicles at a venue (to be announced), where space will be allocated for each team up to two weeks before scrutineering.

During scrutineering restaurant facilities will be made available for teams to buy food and drinks.

During the event

Daily accommodation is available to all teams. This will typically be camping space with restroom and restaurant facilities. The cost for camping will be paid by the event organisers. If teams do not wish to make use of the camping space, please inform the organisers at least two months prior to the event.

Teams are responsible for their own breakfast and lunch arrangements. Teams will be able to buy lunch at the daily control stops. The teams will be notified well in advance should any of these arrangements change.

The organisers aim to supply dinner at all overnight stops. If no dinner arrangements are made, teams will be notified well in advance.

Post-event activities

The 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge solar cars will be on display from 10h00 to 14h00 on Sunday, 30 October, at the Sun International Grand Werst Casion in Cape Town. Spectators are welcome to come and see the incredible vehicles, who will have just finished up to 4,500 km.