Alfaisal Boeing Solar Car Team


TEAM | Alfaisal Boeing Solar Car Team

CAR NAME | Areej 1.0

COUNTRY | Saudi Arabia

CLASS | Challenger

It took Alfaisal Boeing Solar Car Team four years to build their first solar car. The team is now coming to South Africa to compete in their first ever solar challenge.

The team showcased Areej 1.0, their solar and electric-powered car on Alfaisal Solar Day in 2021. Areej 1.0 is an acronym for Alfaisal Renewable Energy Group and means “the scent of a flowery garden” in Arabic.

The car can cover 2,500 km on a single charge, at a speed of more than 80 km per hour. It has a chassis made of a high strength aluminium alloy, and an outer shell made from a carbon fibre composite, and it also has advanced electronics for the solar array controller, battery pack, and other electrical modules.

The Saudi team decided to participate in solar challenges so that they can design solar cars, test their creations in real world conditions, learn from top teams, and share experiences.

The Alfaisal Boeing Solar Car team includes undergraduate researchers from a project funded by Boeing and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies of Alfaisal University.  

“We are a multidisciplinary team, each of us bringing unique skills from the electrical, mechanical, software, and industrial engineering departments. And we are proud that the majority of the solar car’s components were designed, developed, and manufactured by the student in the university,” said team leader Nouf Farhoud.


More than 20 alumni students have participated in the development of the project.

The team has nine members and are currently finalising the design of the Areej 1.0. This is carried out under the supervision of the Joint Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles Research and Development Center at Alfaisal University.