Brunel Solar Team (Delft University)


TEAM | Brunel Solar Team (Delft University)

CAR NAME | Nuna11S

COUNTRY | The Netherlands

CLASS | Challenger

Seven-time global champions, Brunel Solar Team, are coming to the Sasol Solar Challenge (SSC) to compete against fellow champions and other top international teams including teams from South Africa.


Brunel Solar Team previously known as Nuon and Vattenfall, are also former champions of the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Sasol Solar Challenges.


The team participate in the Sasol Solar Challenge because of the exciting and challenging format.

“Not only is the landscape beautiful and varied, but the format of the event as well, is astonishing. This year we look forward to the first ever blind stages and marathon stage, these will offer a new challenge, said team leader Sanne Vilters. “The Sasol Solar Challenge is successfully organised and there is a prospect of a strong competition and of course we don't want to miss that.”


The Delft University team started competing in solar challenges in 2001 – inspired by a movie called “Race the sun”. Since then, they have built 11 solar cars and competed in 14 solar challenges globally, in a mission to inspire the world in the field of sustainability and innovation.

“Our passion for sustainability and innovation, and our drive to win makes us do our best to developing the most efficient solar car possible. We want to show the world what is possible with only the energy from the sun and hard work and dedication,” said Vilters.


For the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge, the team is bringing new members, however, they will not be building a new car, instead, they are opting to re-build their 157 kg Nuna11S, which competed in the Moroccan Solar Challenge in 2021. The solar car is a three wheeler, designed to achieve minimal air and rolling resistance. They are currently improving aerodynamics of the car. In addition, they are developing a new motor designed to face the landscape of South Africa in the best way possible.


The 11-strong member team includes four drivers and range from 21 to 25 years of age. The team has a combination of skills from aerodynamics, electrical engineering, mechanics to marketing.