After an action-packed long day on the road, Agoria Solar Team came at the top with a day distance of 609.4 km, leaving Brunel Solar Team behind by 19 km.

Day seven was the most important day in the Sasol Solar Challenge as teams had to work hard and give all they had to rack up as many kilometres as possible, since tomorrow is the official finish line of the eight-day long event.

Today the teams had two loop options: a short loop with a distance of 19.5 km and a longer loop with a distance of 38.4 km. Meanwhile, the day distance was 379 km.

The top teams managed to do multiple loops before heading to the finish line in Riversdale.

Agoria Solar Team did six longer loops and Brunel Solar Team did one short and five longer loops. For the local teams, only the Tshwane University of Technology Solar Team managed to do a loop.

“We did one longer loop today, that’s all we could do,” said TUT Solar Team managers.

They added that: “Today’s route had a few up hills, and this was really challenging for us, but it was a good test, preparing us for tomorrow, the last day of the event.”

The North West University Solar Car Team couldn’t do any loops today, however they managed to cover a distance of 322 km from Jeffreys Bay to Riversdale.

“We didn’t do any loops today but we are proud that we have successfully concurred all the hills along the route without trailing our solar car, but only towards the finish line,” said Wynand Grobler, team spokesperson.

Emma Stalmans, team spokesperson for Agoria Solar Team said: “We were able to make up 19 kilometres on our biggest rivals today. It is therefore promising to be a very exciting final stage of the Sasol Solar Challenge tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Brunel Solar Team managed to cover 590.5 km.

“We encountered a few challenges throughout the route from the start to the finish line, these include speed limit and having to drive among big trucks. However, we look forward to the final day tomorrow,” said Lucas Frantzen, team spokesperson.

Robert Walker, Owner and Director of the Sasol Solar Challenge said: “Today was really an exciting but a tense day as well for the teams. They all wanted to do their best and use these last two days to cover the most kilometres as possible before crossing the official finish line. Tomorrow is the last day and we look forward to seeing who takes the championship for the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge.”

The Sasol Solar Challenge today finished in Riversdale. It will start at the same venue in the morning and head to Caledon and subsequently to the official finish line in Cape Town.


Day seven results are as follows:

Challenger Class

·        Agoria Solar Team – 609.4 km

·        Brunel Solar Team – 590.5 km

·        TUT Solar Team – 417.4 km

·        NWU Solar Car Team – 322 km*(car trailered)

·        Genuine JV Solar Car Team – 214 km* (car trailered)

·        University of the Free State Solar Team – 67 km* (car trailered)

·        SolarFlair – 98 km* (car trailered)

·        Seilatsatsi (CUT) – (Withdrawn from the Sasol Solar Challenge)


Cruiser Class

·        UniChamps Solar Car Team – 91 km* (car trailered)


Spectators are welcome at all stops, and more information on the route and the teams can be found at:

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Thursday, September 15, 2022