Sun Shuttle Solar Team wins DHL Global Forwarding logistics prize!

The Sasol Solar Challenge is pleased to announce that Sun Shuttle Solar Team has won the DHL Global Forwarding logistics prize voucher.

The voucher funded by the global leader in the logistics industry, DHL Global Forwarding  is valued at R100,000.00. It will help cover most of the international team’s costs associated with competing in South Africa.

“We are excited and grateful to have won the logistics prize voucher. The voucher will help us in reducing the shipping costs of our solar car to South Africa,” said Professor Zhang You-tong, Sun Shuttle team leader. “This will be the first time we compete in the Sasol Solar Challenge and DHL Global Forwarding has made things easier for us to be part of the challenge. The money that we are saving from winning the prize voucher, we will use it to improve our solar car, this includes designing new doors - making them lighter and stronger.”

DHL Global Forwarding will also provide Sun Shuttle and the other participating teams in the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge with logistical support and advice on freight, customs and shipping. The global brand’s forwarding experts and global reach equip them to safely transport important cargo such as the participating solar cars.

Clement Blanc, Managing Director of DHL Global Forwarding South Africa said: “As the official logistics and freight partner of the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge, we congratulate the Sun Shuttle Solar Team on winning the logistics prize. We commend their efforts and commitment to this competition, and look forward to contributing our logistics expertise to them and the other participating teams so they can focus on performing their best in this challenge. It’s great to see students participating in realising a more sustainable future through innovative practices.”

Robert Walker, Sasol Solar Challenge Owner and Director said: “It’s exciting to see a global leader in the logistics industry support technologies which shapes the future of sustainable mobility. We hope that Sun Shuttle Solar Team will have a great experience coming to South Africa and competing in their first-ever Sasol Solar Challenge.”

Monday, June 20, 2022