Schools Programme

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The Schools Programme is a supporting initiative of the Sasol Solar Challenge, with the main goal of creating awareness, excitement, and unique opportunities for school learners within the STEM sector.  The focus is dialled in on school learners with the aim on renewable energy, STEM, and further education within STEM subject studies.

The Schools Programme is rolled out by hosting various activations at identified towns along the route, which is hosted by industry leaders and field experts. The school learners participate in guided activations with the designated activators making it a fun and exciting experience while focusing on the educational element.

Set to take place during the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge including the year leading up to the event starting from September 2021, it is an opportunity not to be missed.  The event travels across South Africa over an 8-day period, where 5 towns are identified, with designated venues to roll out the activations.

These towns are called Control Stop towns which are mandated by event regulations for solar car teams to make compulsory stops at designated towns travelling to the next selected town and venue.  The Schools Programme exposes school learners in various communities across South Africa to skills and knowledge sharing opportunities that they might not have access to under normal circumstances.
The goal is to influence young minds to pursue further studies within STEM subjects in the hopes of creating future engineers and though leaders.  If you would like to find out how you can be part of this exciting experience, please contact our Schools Programme Coordinator via