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Registration for the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge in now closed

The 2022 team profiles are added as teams are confirmed. Fifteen teams have already confirmed their participation, including two major international teams.

Follow us on social media for updates, or take a look at the teams already registered below! These include some familiar competitors, and a few teams who have never competed internationally before, or even at all!




TEAM NAME | Toyota Team Sonke

CAR NAME | Siyakude II

COUNTRY | South Africa

CLASS | Challenger


Toyota Team Sonke participated in their first-ever solar challenge when they competed in the 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge. Intimidated by being the only high school team to compete in the 2018 challenge, they decided to use their fears as a motivation to prove themselves to the bigger teams.


The team managed to cover roughly 600 km with their first solar car, Siyakude I. Using their learnings from 2018, they are back and are hoping to cover more than 2,000 km in this year’s historic event which will take place from the 9th to 16th of September.


Sonke means “together” while the car name Siyakude means “we will go far”.


“Our first experience of the Sasol Solar Challenge was a steep learning curve. We got to interact with teams that were a lot more prepared than us. We learned so many lessons, and now we know that one small error - such as faulty safety - can stop the entire car from moving”, said team leader Kobus Cronje. “It was also a lesson to us to know what parameters to focus on to achieve better results, and we believe all this will help us in the 2022 Sasol Solar Challenge.”


The team is excited to compete again in the Sasol Solar Challenge and are currently working on their previous car, redesigning and rebuilding parts that will reduce weight - the goal is for the car to weigh below 200 kg, with improved efficiency. They are also designing a more efficient solar panel system, a new motor and improving the chassis of the car for enhanced cornering ability.


The team currently consists of 20 members and comprise teachers, parents and former learners. They aim to grow to at least 30 members in total before the event kicks off in September. Skills includes mechanical and electrical engineering and aerodynamics.