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2018 Classes

Solar cars can enter the 2018 challenge in one of four classes, each with different rules and objectives. 

  • Challenger Class: Cars entered into this category are newly built, four-wheel, single seater and are built for maximum energy efficiency and endurance.
  • Adventure Class: Cars entered into this category have participated in previous editions of the race and may include three-wheelers and vehicles with solar arrays that are larger than required for the Challenger Class. 
  • Cruiser Class: Cars entered into this class are designed to be practical for everyday use and normally include four seats and a storage compartment. 
  • Sustainability Fleet: These cars from the normal automotive industry show how some of the core technologies being used on the solar cars, will eventually benefit the public. Typically, these demonstration vehicles are efficient petrol and diesel vehicles as well as hybrids, fuel-cell cars and full battery electric vehicles.  

Once the teams are announced, spectators can read through the their individual profiles to find out who is competing in the different classes at this year’s event.