Click on the icons below for more information about the 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge:


Africa’s leading brand for purified water. Official water sponsor of the event.

Campworld in addition to caravans and trailers, the outlets also market camping equipment and accessories, your one stop shop to outdoor leisure. Campworld is sponsoring the Event Office for the on-road event.

Mustek combines the best of local assembly capabilities with the multinational product portfolio by affording its customers a choice of the renowned Mecer brand of computing equipment and a broad range of top-tier ICT brands which address every level of the technology stack. Mecer is the technology partner sponsoring the solar system for the Event Office.

GridCars, will change the way we view mobility, vehicle ownership, public transport, "refueling" and the driving experience, to name just a few of the things. Gridcars assists with the layout and building (inside) of the Event Office.

We are experts in our field. ER24 offers quality medical emergency service solutions to best suit your needs. ER24 will travel with the event to assist with any form of emergency.

Think bike is a mindset! Think Bike Marshalls will travel with the teams to Cape Town and assist the teams during the on-road event.

Involved in the Solar Challenge and specifically the education program to promote renewable and clean energy.

ISF events are based on concepts of knowledge sharing, support and the spirit of friendly competition.

To facilitate the translation of South Africa’s knowledge resource into sustainable socio-economic opportunities. Sponsoring all the South African Universities.

The main objective of the foundation is to promote, initiate and run programs, events and initiatives that advance technology in transportation and energy management.

Assisting the event with Traffic Management.