Event logistics

The Sasol Solar Challenge team works hard to make the event logistically easy for teams, officials, supporters and spectators.

Click here to download the 2018 route map as a reference. The 2020 map will be uploaded once confirmed.

Teams are responsible for their own accommodation prior to the event. Please contact the event organisers for recommendations.
If teams would require secure work space to build their car or perform maintenance prior to the event the event organisers can be contacted for recommendations.  The organisers will not be responsible for the hiring cost of the work space. 
During scrutineering restaurant facilities will be made available for teams to buy food and drinks.  The event organisers will not be responsible for any logistical expenses for any of the participating teams.  Accommodation, meals and transport will be the sole responsibility of each team. 

Daily accommodation is available to all teams. This will typically be camping space with restroom and restaurant facilities. The cost for camping will be paid by the event organisers and teams are strongly advised to utilize the pre-arranged accommodation.

Teams are responsible for their own breakfast and lunch arrangements. Teams will be able to buy lunch at the daily control stops. The teams will be notified well in advance should any of these arrangements change.

The organisers aim to supply dinner at all overnight stops. If no dinner arrangements are made, teams will be notified well in advance.

The prize giving ceremony will be held in Cape Town the day after the conclusion of the challenge.  Final arrangements will be provided to the teams well in advance.  Please note that this is a closed event only for participating teams, officials, management teams and pre-arrange media.  If this should change teams will be notified well in advance.